German Lotto 6/49 game information:

The German Lotto 6-of-49 held the first drawing on October 9th, 1955.

Today drawings are held twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

You can play the German Lotto online through our web site until 10:00am Eastern Time on Wednesday and Saturday. This gives us sufficient time to purchase your German Lotto tickets prior to the drawing and confirm the purchase of your tickets. You are the sole owner of each lotto ticket we have purchased at a state licensed German Lotto retailer on your behalf.

For each German Lotto ticket simply pick six numbers between 1 and 49. Players can win in nine different prize categories. All German Lotto prizes including the German Lotto jackpot are tax free cash prizes paid in one lump sum. The odds of winning the German Lotto jackpot are approximately 1 in 140 million.

Players win the jackpot by matching all six numbers plus the "SuperNumber". Your "SuperNumber" is randomly selected and printed on your ticket at the time of purchase. It ranges from 0 to 9. Once your German Lotto tickets have been purchased we will send you a copy so you are aware of your randomly selected "SuperNumber".

The drawing of German Lotto winning numbers (effective May 4th, 2013):From a drum containing balls numbered from 1 to 49 six balls (numbers) are randomly selected. The "SuperNumber" is selected from a separate drum containing ten balls numbered from 0 to 9.

The minimum German Lotto jackpot starts at about $2 million. The advertised jackpot reflects a tax free cash payout. See prize structure for more details and odds.

Winning German Lotto tickets are valid 90 days. Please see the "Game Help" on how to claim winning lotto tickets.

German Lotto prizes and odds
Match Prize Odds
6 of 6 plus "SuperNumber" Jackpot/Pari-mutuel 1:139,838,160
6 of 6 Pari-mutuel 1:15,537,573
5 of 6 plus "SuperNumber" Pari-mutuel 1:542,008
5 of 6 Pari-mutuel 1:60,223
4 of 6 plus "SuperNumber" Pari-mutuel 1:10,324
4 of 6 Pari-mutuel 1:1,147
3 of 6 plus "SuperNumber" Pari-mutuel 1:567
3 of 6 Pari-mutuel 1:63
2 of 6 plus "SuperNumber" approx $5.00 (€5.00) 1:76

Prizes (1 to 8) are pari-mutuel this means the actual amount will vary and depends on the actual sales and the number of winners in each prize category. The prize in category 9 is fixed at €5.00 witch equals approx. $5.00.