On this page, we'll provide answers to some of the questions we are often asked.

Are you connected with the state lotteries you offer?

No, we are an independent company offering services that the state lotteries do not provide to you.

Do you sell lottery tickets over the Internet?

No, we do not sell or re-sell lottery tickets in any manner. In essence we purchase lotto tickets at state licensed lotto retailers in your name and of your behalf. All tickets are paid in cash at the time of purchase.

What happens if my ticket is a winner?

All wins up to $599.99 are immediately redeemed by us. We post 100% of all wins to your online account. All prizes over $600.00 must be claimed by the winning ticket owner. In this event we will forward the validated winning ticket an official state claim form and the instructions you will need to claim your win either by mail or in person. When claiming a prize by mail please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the check to arrive by mail from the state lottery commission you are dealing with. The state lottery commission will deduct all taxes due from the amount you won.

If I win how can I be sure to receive my winning ticket

We realize that the biggest concern of utilizing a lottery service is this very question - what is to keep the buyer of the ticket from claiming it themselves? We are in the lotto subscription business for almost three decades now. Long before there was the world wide web we have serviced lotto players from around the world. From the beginning we are working with the same agents purchasing lotto tickets for our players. The contract with these agents describes the nature of their lottery ticket purchases, and establishes the ownership of tickets, as well as the chain of custody of every lottery ticket they buy. Furthermore, we have strict audit controls in place, so that every order is tied directly to the ticket purchased in fulfilling that order, and our couriers sign off on their ticket purchases prior to the drawing, so that nothing is left to chance. In effect, we have established a safe and secure model for the handling and ownership of your tickets. The credit card charge and the confirmation of your order by e-mail verify that you are the sole owner of said tickets.

How do I create an account on so I can play?

There is no need to pre-register. Just like most online stores, you start by adding items to your shopping cart (in this case you add games that you wish to play), and when you have filled your cart with all the games you wish to play, you click the Checkout button. At that point, if you have never made a purchase at our site before, you would click the Register button instead of logging in.

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