Our goal and philosophy

In 1980 only a handful of US states had a state government operated lottery.

Playing Lotto was only available to the lucky ones living in - or traveling to - these states.

I.M.I. was established to change just that.
We feel everyone should have the opportunity and freedom to play and win any lottery they wish - no matter where they live.
Lotto ticket sales are still limited to local vending -perhaps the only product in the world today.

We solve this problem with a network of agents purchasing lotto tickets at state licensed
lotto retailers in your name and on your behalf.

As one of the lotto subscription service pioneers I.M.I. started to offer
a variety of European Lotto games.

Over the years more and more US jurisdictions started to offer
US state and multi-state lotteries. The rage of different lotto games we offer today include the most popular and with the German Lotto not just one of the oldest but also largest lotto games in the world.

Launching our Internet platform in 1996 it was the logical next step
to reach our goal.

We are proud of our past successes, but will continue to strive into the future.

Making you the next multi-million dollar Lotto jackpot winner could be
one of the side-effects of our efforts.