has gone green

With the launch of our newly designed web site in October of 2012 the live of lotto players world wide got a little easier and even a little greener too.

Players that have used our "ancient" web site in the past know exactly what I mean.

Adding an online user account to view your order history, keep track of your winnings, save your lucky numbers to play them at any time with just one click of your mouse or to update your personal information are some of the new benefits our users enjoy.

The way you now pick your numbers or the option "random online generator" now eliminates errors completely. Posting your "QuickPick" tickets to your account and attaching them as a pdf-document to your email confirmation eliminate thousands of paper copies.

The cart and payment system we have installed not only saves you time, it eliminated the need to send confirmation letters by mail or even airmail.

This saves trees, gasoline and other resources. How many trees or how much gas I really cannot say. But since all orders are immediately confirmed by email the use of copy paper and toner in our offices was cut by 80%.

That's thousands of letters month after month after month that don't need to be delivered anymore.

And we will continue looking for new ways to save energy and other resources.