When International Marketing Inc., started out in 1980 only a handful of US States had their own lottery. Lotto players who had played while traveling here or abroad wanted the fun and excitement as well as their chance to become a lucky lotto millionaire. We started out offering the German, British, Swedish and several other European government operated Lotto games, as well as the Pennsylvania and Canadian Lotto.

As the e-commerce we take for granted today was light years away I.M.I. operated a call center staffed with up to ten call agents. Lotto enthusiasts from all over the US called in their favorite lucky numbers to be played in the various games we enabled them to play using our toll free order lines. Back then winning numbers and current jackpot information was published via telephone hot line and yes "snail mail"! After some time having access to a fax machine was getting more common and more and more players started to fax in the numbers to be entered for their chance to win a multi-million dollar lotto jackpot.

Aside from our decades of experience in the lotto industry International Marketing Inc., always tried to utilize the newest technologies available to offer the most reliable, most professional and yet easy to use lotto ticket service.

So there I was in 1996 sipping countless cups of coffee studying a eight inch thick and eight pound heavy book containing HTML codes. Only a few weeks later (and the help of some good friends)  I.M.I.'s Internet platform was online. For quite some time was the only web site offering a out-of-state ticket service. As Internet technologies evolve at an amazing rate we are proud to present our newly designed and enhanced web site. Playing lotto anytime and from (almost) any location in the world is safer, easier and even faster than ever before. Only a few mouse clicks and you can play your own lucky numbers, use our random online ticket generator or play official state lottery QuickPick tickets and participate in the most exciting US Lotto games. Offering you the chance to win the worlds largest Lotto jackpots. There are many copy-cats out there wanting to make a quick dollar using the web. Trust our experience, our knowledge and our proven network of lotto ticket agents for your lotto purchase.

I want to urge you that playing lotto should be fun and exciting.
Please do not play Lotto exceeding your financial possibilities.
If you have problem gambling please seek help.

We would love to see YOU win millions. Remember it's as easy as picking six numbers.

International Marketing Inc.