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Lower Euro Million Lotto ticket price due to strong US dollar

Since the value of the US dollar compared to the European currency EURO has increased over the past few month is able to pass on the difference in the exchange rate to all our users playing the EuroMillions Lotto.
Starting with the Tuesday March, 24th drawing we are able to lower the ticket price (including our service and monitoring fee) by $1.00.
All lotto players can play the biggest European multi-national Lotto game for only $5.00 per ticket and draw!

Do you want to take home $200,000,000 in cash?

Latest Results & Payouts

When you get in on the fun & excitement and have your numbers entered in a lottery there is one very important aspect: you want to know if your numbers have won a prize, and in some cases you want that information fast. We post the latest winning lotto numbers, the current lotto jackpot and the prize payouts for all the government run state lotteries we offer in the RESULT CHANNEL. Another way to keep...

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